7th Grade

When I first arrived in August, I expected that school would be a lot easier– I was way wrong! I soon realized that school would be much harder than 6th grade. More tests, quizzes, homework… It was December and Christmas break was almost here… I was nearly dead.

Eventually I figured out that completing work early was the key to 7th grade, I mean, by the next day you would only receive more! In English there is a blog post due every Friday, Science, reading notes(blaghh!), Spanish, worksheets, Tx History, Vocabulay… Aggghhhhh, so much homework?!!!

As the year comes to an end, although I have learned A LOT of tips, tricks and lessons, man am I thanking my lucky stars…


Golf has been one of my biggest passions for a long time and I frequently practice, with friends, family, whoever pretty much! It doesn’t matter to me who I play with, I just love to play!

To be a good golfer you must know and understand the game. “Practice, practice, practice” my dad always tells me, and as I age I can see that advice coming into play.  Watching the masters and my dad play has really opened me up to new kinds golf such as tournament play and just playing for fun. To be honest that’s not something I’ve always known. My brother likes to play golf as well and I’m telling you it’s always a competition between us. But I usually beat him…

Currently today I am on the West Ridge Golf team. It’s a blast! I’ve played in my first couple of tournaments and it’s something else… Something crazy fun. I love to compete and play against other people and tournaments are exactly what thats made of , competing, playing, practicing…

Golf is life to me.

My favorite Poem…

Baa, baa black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir,

Three 3 bags full.

One 1 for my master.

One 1 for my dame.

But none 0 for the little boy,

Who cries in the lane.


As a child this was one of my favorite poems. I remember long nights spent crying in my bed and by quietly hushed by the soft singing of my comforting parents. BY the time I was, say… 3, I could recite the whole poem to my parents. I could be heard murmuring the sweet tune to myself while falling asleep. This poem meant a lot to me as a child. I used it as a way to quickly comfort myself in times of need such as being scared while trying to fall asleep.

To this current day I can remember the savory lyrics to the comforting tune I used as a child. It’s as if you could almost hear the lullaby whispering through the old creaky walls from a childhoods past now long gone….

Challenge Week 5: Media and Memories

When I was little I just coldn’t do without my blanket.

It was the softest blanket ever made, one side being of golden silk, the other side of flannel Bob the Builders. Bob the Builder was my favorite tv show when I was young. I had Bob the Builder clothes, cups, and of course blankets!

It had numerous stains from who knows what! It has dirt stains from the park, sticky spots from candy – I doubt there is anything my blanket hasn’t seen.

That’s why I loved my blanket, it provided me security, warmth and love.

Whithout it I just don’t think I could get on by the right way. I would be cranky from lack of sleep and angry, I was just downright unhappy.

By the end of my blankets days it was torn and had a hole or two, but none the less I still loved it. It sits on the top shelf of my closet today and, when I look at it, I’m reeminded of all the good times we shared together.

Week 3: My Favorite Quote

” You have to fight to reach your dreams. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it“- Lionel Messi.

This quote means a lot  to me. It explains that if you’re not a hard worker–just straight up and simple– you will not achieve your dreams.

Lionel Messi is one of the most amazing soccer players in the history of ever!!! He started playing soccer at a very young age and to achieve the spot he has now, on one of the best soccer teams global wide, he knew he had to work. That’s exactly what he did. Messi practiced hard and treated every practice as if it were a game. He’d come home every night being caked with dirt and mud and sweat pouring off of him, almost in a stream. He fought, I can tell you that. He’s always been a fighter. He fought so hard to achieve those dreams of his up in his head. He sacrificed his time for the beloved game of soccer.

I admire him for following his dreams, fighting, sacrificing and working hard for them.

week 2: Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos!

The walls are decorated with old paintings of Mexican heroes. As I arrive, The first thing I think is ” This place is packed! ” This is the-must-go-to restaurant in Austin! My favorite restaurant….

An obvious reason why this place is my favorite restaurant is- the food! They have mouth watering enchiladas and delectable quesadillas. The food is prepared in a huge kitchen that houses many talented chefs. As my family sits and eats  salty chips and spicy salsa, I have already begun to look on the menu for what I want to order.  Sizzling enchiladas and crunchy tacos pass by my face and each time I wonder ” Are those mine? ” Even though each dish is different they are the same in precision of cooking, plating and- taste! Now, I don’t mean each dish tastes the same, I mean they are all very tasty.

Atmosphere- Tres Amigos has a GREAT atmosphere. Everybody’s outstandingly nice and talkative and the waiters are phenomenal! They bring out your food super-duper fast without ever spilling anything. You’re usually greeted with big smiles and steaming plates. It’s physically and mentally impossible to be in a bad mood here. I love visiting this restaurant with my grandmother and family when we have time! This is a great family restaurant and I encourage you to go and take a visit here! I’d add the directions but I’m not very good with them!

Tres Amigos is a great restaurant to visit, and if your in the mood for Mexican food… Well, you know what to do!


The Phantom’s Lair

Disney - Master (Explored)
Creative Commons License The Phantom’s lair… some sort of labyrinth. My dear please come, really please do. I’m surely not going to hurt you. Don’t mind those bones or the mice that sit upon my throne. It has been neglected for years along with the old, old organ that used to accompany me with me wondrous music of the night. I have rather forcefully brought you here and I ever so politely  invite you to sit upon my throne… we have some things to discuss.

I, the phantom am asking you- forgive me- am demanding * getting louder * that you sing my harmonious music ’till our time together shall end, ever so terribly! I forbid you to see that “insolent boy” Raoul ever again till your time shall end. You must stay with me Christine and we shall share an everlasting passion for each other I demand it! I Promise to delicately take care of you and provide everlasting happiness.

I propose that you not try to escape, my darling, since OUR wondrous cave is riddled with traps to the dark corners who’ve never seen the light- oh- the awful light. It has haunted me for years and I can never seem to escape it. So Christine, what is your decision? stay with me forever or, Escape with only one price… Your life!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joe Penniston via Compfight

I pad- Distraction or Major Resource?

Pew, pew, pew- rrrrrRRRR- bang- ca-CAW… ” Good morning class.. Please put your i-pads away. You won’t need them. Today we will be learni- Nick, what are you doing back there?” “Uh… Stud-dd-y Habits?” “Didn’t your hear me say apples up!” I-pads are very distracting!!

I mean who couldn’t resist a glowing 10-inch screen that has(who’s knows what..) moving all around it? For some its an irresistible treasure and a “Must have…” For others it’s a learning tool and used to store all of their homework. In my opinion that’s what it is intended for and should be used for. All throughout the day if you take a peak into a classroom you will definitely see at least one person playing a game. I see people getting in trouble all the time for playing games.

Many i- pads have been taken up for people playing games on them during class and many people have lost their i- pad privileges in certain classes. Therefor I think that teachers should be more strict about I-pad use in class and when people are allowed to use them.


Jon!…Run! screamed Julie as she ran as fast as her high heeled feet could take her. Jon looked down the hall and… Nothing! Jon thought ” what is she talking about?” As he looked at the doorway Julie ran through. As he turned his head back to the hall Julie ran down he saw it… He saw the out-of-this-world-terror Julie was talking about: The Hupia. Now, if you don’t know what the Hupia is and you live on this island… Your dead.

Outside the building my pack tore through the guards as I watched upon the hill. I leaped down from the hill and ducted as one of the last guards shot at me. I made a deep rumbling sound within my throat. Soon my pack was upon him and no longer was I endangered.